• Ms. Maria Xiao
    Ms. Maria Xiao Personal Assistant to Dr Geoffrey Reid

    Personal assistant to Dr Geoffrey Reid and first point of contact for his patients in his practice. My aim is to guide and assist with patient enquiries every step of the way from the initial hello to the last goodbye. I’d like to provide patients with a stress-free experience and so will endeavour to go above and beyond and to support individual patient needs, no matter how particular. My lovely colleagues and I are here to help! :)

  • Ms. Sandra Morrison
    Ms. Sandra Morrison Surgical Coordinator & Bookeeper

    Streamlined communication between doctors, patients and hospitals. Helping to make it a seamless transition for patients from their first visit to a healthy outcome for any necessary surgery.

  • Ms. Judy Augeard
    Ms. Judy Augeard Personal Assistant to Dr. Hilary F Joyce

    As the initial point of communication between patients and doctors, I have enjoyed the contact with people seeking assistance with their problems – from simply making an appointment for a gynaecological review to more involved gynaecological problems often leading to surgery, and in increasing cases, infertile couples hoping to obtain assistance.  In the vast majority of cases, Drs Reid and Joyce’s patients’ outcomes are successful and this is a wonderful conclusion.