Assisted Reproduction

I take a special interest in patients with infertility problems. Both partners need consideration and joint consultations are encouraged for the initial assessment. Some problems can be overcome with simple approaches, and I am therefore pleased to be associated with the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning . Other problems need high technology, which I am able to provide through Genea.

Genetic Screening

I am able to create and test embryos for any known single gene disorder.

I can also test embryos for chromosomal normality before implantation.

Fertility Preservation

I am able to provide egg freezing or embryo freezing through Genea


In special circumstances, surrogacy proposals can be processed through Dr. Reid at Genea.

Recurrent Miscarriage

Patients with a history of recurrent miscarriage need special care and attention. I am able to provide extensive investigation for these patients

Endometriosis Surgery

I have specialised in endometriosis surgery for more than 20 years. This surgery is performed both for fertility enhancement and to improve quality of life. I use excisional surgical techniques and frequently deal with extensive deeply invasive endometriosis.

I accept that surgery is not a cure for all patients, and therefore continue to explore alternative therapies and approaches.

Fibroid Surgery

Fibroid surgery, with conservation of the uterus, has become a more common request in recent years. Most fibroid surgery is done for fertility enhancement, but also for avoidance of hysterectomy.

Intrauterine Surgery

Surgery for intra-uterine fibroids, polyps and the correction of congenital uterine abnormalities such as a uterine septum.

Medico-Legal Reports

I regularly provide expert witness Medico-Legal reports for both plaintiff and defence cases.

Services NOT Offered


Some fifteen years ago I concluded my successful obstetric practice, finding that I could not devote the required time to the surgery I do.  However there are specialists in every area of Sydney that I can recommend for patients seeking obstetric care.  For further information see Associate Practitioners.

Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery

Prolapse surgery and pelvic floor reconstruction has become a specialised area of surgery that I do not do.  I am able to recommend a number of colleagues who specialise in this area. For further information see Associate Practitioners.

Cancer Surgery

The treatment of Gynaecological Cancer is another highly specialised area of practice where I would refer patients to certified sub-specialists for care. For more information see Associate Practitioners.


Whilst I have much experience in this area, having run the colposcopy service for the whole of North West England for two years in past times, I no longer see new patients with abnormal cervical pathology. I will continue to see my existing patients requiring follow-up. New patients will be referred to recommended colleagues. For more information see Associate Practitioners.

Sexual Health Screening

This important area of women’s health is not my area of expertise, and I would refer patients seeking these services to associated colleagues.  For more information see Associate Practitioners.